Centralteateret: Building History

Elective, Fall 2022
Mari Lending and Thomas McQuillan

Centralteateret in Akergaten 38, Oslo is an internationally exceptional composite of theatrical architecture, and a cornucopia of time-specific expressions and ideas. Dating back to the late 18th century, its complex urban and architectural history of additions and transformation includes the work of prominent architects such as Jørgen Henrik Rawert, Georg Andreas Bull, Herman Major Backer, Henrik Bull, and Jens Dunker. Working through archives, the students will map the building history of this intriguing complex, spanning from its early ballrooms to the first façade in Oslo made to project moving images on.

The seminar is part of the research project Provenance Projected, and will be run in close collaboration with the theater itself.  


Originally posted Aug 24, 2022. Latest revision Aug 25, 2022.

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