Moving Monuments: Rome

Studio, Fall 2020
Victor Plahte Tschudi (course responsible), Tim Anstey, Joe Crowdy, Mari Hvattum, Mari Lending and Even Smith Wergeland

Moving MonumentsThe OCCAS studio course Moving Monuments: Rome comes in its third edition this year, inviting a novel take on historical monuments. It traces a selection of monuments through history – as well as history through its many mediations. “Moving” may refer to the actual transportation of architecture but also to the circulation and recreation of monuments in various media and materials, from print to plaster, across the ages. Through lectures, field trips and archival research, the course aims to show that a monument is anything but a solid structure. Rather, it forms along the way and becomes what it is through exhibitions, publications, interpretations, canonizations and re-adaptions.

The OCCAS core members join forces to present a variety of perspectives on past monuments and on the variety of methods that enable us to think, write and talk about them. The students are asked to select one monument related to Rome and to work with his or her selected building throughout the term, studying it from increasingly sophisticated historiographical perspectives. Besides offering an introduction to academic research, the course aims to train students in presentation techniques. The final assignment is a half-hour auditorium lecture on the chosen monument complete with visual presentation and an audience.

Given this year´s restrictions on traveling, the field trip to Rome is replaced by a “Rome at home” week consisting of day trips and specially organized film screenings in collaboration with Cinemateket and Istituto Italiano di Culltura in Oslo. Invited guest speakers include Andreas Viestad, Jon Rognlien and Camilla Chams.


Originally posted Nov 6, 2020.

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