Casting a Cast

Jul 17, 2015, 19:00
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

CASTING A CASTFriday night July 17, 2015, the V&A holds a conversation between Jorge Otero-Pailos and Mari Lending on Otero-Pailos’  ‘The Ethics of Dust: Trajan’s Column’, which is on view in the Cast Courts. The work was commissioned by the V&A as part of the show ‘All Of This Belongs To You’, co-curated by Rory Hyde, Corinna Gardner and Kieran Long. ‘The Ethics of Dust: Trajan’s Column’ interacts with the largest object in the Museum. Using conservation latex, Otero-Pailos has cleaned the hollow inside of the cast of Trajan’s Column, removing dust and dirt accumulated over decades in this usually unseen space. The result is giant latex ‘cast of a cast’ that is exhibited adjacent to the original, revealing the passage of time, and highlighting the Museum’s duty of care the public collection.


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