Mathilde Simonsen Dahl

Sep 11, 2020
AHO, Oslo

Mathilde Simonsen Dahl graduated from AHO in 2012, with a diploma in History and Theory on the Oslo Architectural Association’s (OAF) 50th anniversary exhibition in 1956. As a PhD student, she was part of the OCCAS research projects Place and Displacement. Exhibiting Architecture and The Printed and the BuiltArchitecture and Public Debate in Modern Europe. She defended the PhD dissertation “Bislettbekken og byens fysiognomi. Kristianiaprovisorier omkring 1900” on September 11, 2020. Main advisor: Mari Lending, AHO; second advisor Wallis Miller, University of Kentucky. Adjudication Committee: Henriette Steiner, University of Copenhagen; Narve Fulsås, University of Tromsø; Johnny Aspen, AHO.

The dissertation can be downloaded from here: dissertation link


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