NJoA on Alteration / Launch in Stockholm

Jan 31, 2013, 15:30
KTH, Stockholm

NORDIC 3KTH School of Architecture is delighted to host the launch of the third issue of the Nordic Journal of Architecture, edited by Mari Lending, AHO and guest edited by Tim Anstey and Catharina Gabrielsson, KTH School of Architecture, on the theme “Alteration”. The launch will take place at the School of Architecture Library, Östermalmsg 26, Stockholm, as a panel discussion with contributors, followed by drinks in the bar.

“Alteration puts into question how architecture with a capital A can emerge through projects that are understood in terms of adjustment, of calibrating. Alteration escapes the limit of form implied in ‘transformation’, the limit of use implied in ‘reuse’, of newness implied in ‘renovation’ and of fit implied in ‘retrofit’. In all these avoidances, alteration avoids being restricted by deep structures in architectural discourse that finally pertain to definitions of the architectural work and to authorship. Implying change in an obtuse, everyday way, alteration allows us to think about architecture from a different outset,” Anstey and Gabrielsson states in their introduction to the special section on Alteration.


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