The Architecture of Copies

Sep 22, 2022 - Sep 23, 2022
Århus University, DK

The symposium The Architecture of Copies /Copies of Architecture at the Department of Art History, Aesthetics & Culture and Museology at Århus University, invited scholars to revisit the borders between the copy and the prototype, acts of imitation and of variation, and to examine the knowledge production and preservation processes involved in the act of architectural replication and attendant phenomena. The symposium covered a global range of topics from antiquity to the present, spanning from the recreation of whole buildings to the replication of building parts, as well as integrated artworks, ornaments, and decoration. OCCAS professor Mari Lending presented the key note lecture “Serialized Originals”, while OCCAS PhD students Nick Walkley and Jarle Tollefsrud, presented the papers “Tracing a Trajectory: The Urnes Portal from Icon to Origin in the Study of Architectural Ornament” and “The Quest for a Lost Space: The Reimagination of a Medieval Hall a Akershus Castle”, respectively.


Originally posted Oct 13, 2022. Latest revision Nov 17, 2022.

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