The Printed and the Built: First International Symposium

Oct 23, 2014 - Oct 25, 2014
AHO, Oslo

Semper_Vorlaufige-Bemerkungen-zur-Polychromie_-1834The Printed and the Built project held its first international symposium in Oslo, October 23–25, 2014. In addition to the local project team, the scholars invited were Caroline van Eck from University of Leiden, Adrian Forty from University College London, Richard Wittman from University of California, Santa Barbara, and Wallis Miller from University of Kentucky.








Thursday 23 October (AHO boardroom)

10.00                Mari Hvattum: Welcome & introduction to The Printed and the Built

10.45                Caroline van Eck: The Material Presence of Architecture on Paper


11.45                Richard Wittman: A Global Public for Architecture – in the 1820s?


14.30-17.00       Anne Hultzsch: Architecture in the Public Eye

Printed & Built Workshop

Friday 24 October (AHO boardroom)

10.00                Wallis Miller: German Exhibitions and their Printed Matter

10.45                Adrian Forty: Truth and Fiction


11.45                Architecture on Display: Review of the Printed & Built Master Studio


14.30                Mari Lending: Monuments in Flux

15.00                Victor Plahte Tschudi: Goethe’s Italy and the Reproductive Print


15.45                Helge Jordheim: Concluding remarks



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