Vitruvius, the North, and the Genius Loci

Nov 24, 2023
Centro Studi Vitruviani, Fano

2023 witnessed the publication of the first Norwegian translation of Vitruvius’ De Architectura (Om arkitektur, Gyldendal). The event concludes a grand publishing effort finally giving all the Nordic countries a Vitruvius-translations of their own. To mark the occasion, The Centro Studi Vitruviani, located in Vitruvius’ hometown of Fano on the Adriatic Coast, invited one speaker from each of the Nordic countries to give a lecture at the international symposium Vitruvius in the Nordic Countries: Classical Studies, Archaeology, Art and Architecture. Victor Plahte Tschudi, representing OCCAS and Norway, gave a talk on Vitruvius and Christian Norberg-Schulz, later published in Arkitektur and also to appear in an enlarged English version in the periodical Vitruvius.


Originally posted Nov 24, 2023. Latest revision Mar 14, 2024.

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