Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn



Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn is a Ph.D. fellow in architectural history working on the HERA-funded research project Printing the Past. Architecture, Print Culture, and Uses of the Past in Modern Europe (PriArc), where he investigates architectural print culture. In 2018 he curated Images of Egypt, an exhibition at the Historical Museum, Oslo, alongside Mari Lending and Tim Anstey. He also co-edited the accompanying book. Originally specialised in the art and architecture of seventeenth-century Rome, with MAs from the Courtauld Institute of Art and the University of Oslo, his current research is devoted to reassessing the place of Napoleon’s Description de l’Égypte in French architectural discourse at the outset of the nineteenth century.


As editor

Mari Lending, Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn and Tim Anstey (eds.), Images of Egypt. Oslo: Pax, 2018



‘A compendium of the ancient magnificence of Rome: Giacomo Manilli’s 1650 guidebook to the Villa Borghese.’ Topoi, Topographies and Travellers. Papers of a conference at the Swedish Institute for Classical Studies in Rome, 10–12 November 2016, edited by Anna Blennow and Stefano Fogelberg Rota. Projects & seminars 6, the Swedish Institute in Rome, 2019.

‘Chaparral 2J (1970). The ‘Sucker Car.’ Extinct: A compendium of obsolete objects, edited by Miranda Critchley, Adrian Forty, Olivia Horsfall-Turner and Barbara Penner. London: Reaktion, 2021. (Forthcoming)

‘Making a monument: The tomb of Seti I and its afterlives’, Images of Egypt, edited by Mari Lending, Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn and Tim Anstey. Oslo: Pax, 2018.

‘P&Q–>W (hvis … så … Wittgenstein).’ Arkitektur N, nr. 5 (October), 2019.

‘Setis grav forskjøvet’, Kunst og Kultur, nr. 3, 2020.


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