Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn

Eirik_BøhnEirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn is a Ph.D. fellow in architectural history working on the HERA-funded research project Printing the Past. Architecture, Print Culture, and Uses of the Past in Modern Europe (PriArc) where he investigates the relationship between architecture and print culture alongside scholars from London (UCL/Bartlett), Ghent and Leiden. His research, supervised by Professor Victor Plahte Tschudi, centres on Roman Early Modern villas as sites for staging ancient literary narratives.


Bøhn holds an MA in Early Modern history of architecture from the Courtauld Institute of Art as well as an MA in art history from the University of Oslo, with both dissertations on the artistic and architectural culture of baroque Rome. He came to AHO from the Munch Museum (Oslo), where he worked as curator of education and lead an international publication collaboration. His main research interest is in material, graphic and topographic mediations between baroque Rome and its different pasts.


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