Iver Tangen Stensrud

IverIver Tangen Stensrud is a PhD fellow working on the research project The Printed and the Built, based at the Institute of Form, Theory and History at AHO. Supervised by Mari Hvattum and in collaboration with the project participants, his research focuses on nineteenth century Norwegian illustrated press, as a vector for architectural communication and debate. His project situates and contextualises the architectural debate in the illustrated press, exploring how the mass availability of printed images made, by new printing technologies, influenced architectural discourse in nineteenth century Norway.

Stensrud holds a MA degree in History from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. His thesis investigated the history of radiation protection in Norway ca. 1935-1975. Before joining AHO, he worked as a researcher and a part-time teacher at NTNU.


With Paulsen, Gard, Andresen, Håkon With & Collet, John Peter. Building Trust: The History of DNV 1864-2014. Oslo: Dinamo forl., 2014.

“Ioniserende stråling: Strålevern, helsefysikk og strålehygiene, fra røntgenstråler og radium til bomber og reaktorkontroll.” MA thesis, NTNU, 2012.


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