Mari Lending

MLendingMari Lending is a Professor of Architectural Theory and History, and a senior researcher in Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture (funded by Norwegian Research Council, 2011-14). She is currently working on the book Monuments in Flux: Plaster Casts as Mass Medium.

Lending holds a M. Litt (Mag. art) in Comparative Literature on Marcel Proust from the University of Oslo in 1997 and defended her Ph.D. dissertation in architectural historiography at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2005. From 2005 to 2009, she was a postdoctoral fellow on the research project, Modernism on Display. Lending has been a visiting scholar at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and Columbia University, NY.

Lending has published widely on literature and architecture as well as edited book series and various journals on cultural critique and modernist fiction. She was the editor-in-chief for the Nordic Journal of Architecture (2011–2012), co-editor of the book series AsBuilt, and sits on the editorial boards of the journals Arkitektur N and Agora. Journal for metafysisk spekulasjon. Her book Omkring 1900: Kontinuiteter i norsk arkitekturtenkning (Pax, 2007) critically rethinks concepts of historicism and modernism in 19th and 20th century Norwegian architectural discourse.

Selected publications:

“Wandering among Models: Stendhal, Proust, Sebald”, in Turid Karlsen Seim and Victor Plahte Tschudi (eds.), Acta ad Archaeologiam et Historiam Artium Pertinentia (ACTA), vol. 26 (2013), Rome: Bardi Editore.

Vor tids fordringer’: Norske arkitekturdebatter 1818–1919 (eds. and introduction, Mari Lending and Mari Hvattum), Oslo: Pax forlag 2012

“Falling Trees” (editorial), Nordic Journal of Architecture 3/2012

“Architecture and the Archive” (with Mari Hvattum), Nordic Journal of Architecture, 3/2012.

“Venetian temporalities: Veronese&Piranesi Out of Joint”, (Fall 2012)

“The Gardens of the World”, Nordic Journal of Architecture 2/2012

“Cobweb, dust and transparency. Historical imaginations of 19th century Norwegian architecture”, Quo vadis, Architectura, Helsinki 2012

Kopi & original. Inversjoner i opprinnelsestenkningens historie, (eds. and introduction, Karin Gundersen and Mari Lending) Oslo: Scandinavian Academic Press 2011

”Architecture at the limit. Peter Zumthor’s Witchburning Memorial in Vardø”, in Steilneset minnested, Oslo: Press forlag 2011

“Writing a Life from the Inside of a Drawing: Stendhal’s Vie de Henry Brulard”, Chora 6. Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture, Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press 2011

“Glassets feaktige prakt. M.J. Monrad om arkitekturens oppløsning”, Nytt norsk tidsskrift 1/2011

“Arkitekturmuseum. Mediert arkitektur på utstilling”, in Bjarne Rogan og Arne Bugge Eriksen (eds..),Samling og museum. Kapitler av museenes historie, praksis og ideologi, Oslo: Novus forlag 2010.

“Spøkelsesmuseer. Arkitektonisk gipsskulptur”, Agora 3/2010

“Museum on Display”, in Høyum, Langdalen, Vaa (eds.), Holl, Hamsun, Hamarøy, Baden, Sveits: Lars Müller Publishers 2010

“Écorché vif. Installation à la Biennale de Venise de Jorge Otero-Pailos”, Geneve: Faces. Journal d’architecture 67/2010

“Historisk Røntgen. Arkitekturfremstilling i W.G. Sebalds Austerlitz”,  Vinduet 1/2010

“Negotiating Absence. Bernard Tschumi’s new Acropolis Museum in Athens”, Journal on Architecture, vol 15, no. 5/2009

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“Revisiting the Exotic. Space Group and Norwegian Architectural Culture”, Untitled 2000–2008. Space Group/Norway. Seoul: Damdi Architectural Publishers, 2008


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