Maryia Rusak


Maryia Rusak is a PhD fellow researching the building activities of the Norwegian timber prefabrication company Moelven Brug. In the period between 1955-1973, Moelven built schools, housing developments, churches and sports halls across the country, significantly shaping the everyday landscape of the Norwegian welfare state. Through the lens of an industrial company, Rusak’s thesis explores the entanglements between architectural discourse, industrial production and regulatory and political institutions. By unwrapping layers of material, technological and construction histories, she argues that a different architectural history can be written when studying the ordinary, mass-produced architecture, built for ordinary people. Rusak holds a M.Sc. in Urban Planning and Design from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and a BA in Architecture from Princeton University, USA. Prior to her PhD studies, she worked as an architect with Sweco Architects, Stockholm.


Originally posted Jan 1, 2013. Latest revision Aug 24, 2022.

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