Mathilde S. Dahl

MathildeMathilde Simonsen Dahl is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Form, Theory and History, in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Her thesis investigates the site specific agency of the temporary buildings for the 1883 Art and Industry Exhibition at Tullinløkka and the 1924 Form og Farve  (Form and Colour) exhibition. The project looks at the interrelation between the full scale structures and the debates on the urban transformation in the printed press, art and literature, linked to the overall development of the new public sphere and mass media. Advisor: Professor Mari Lending; co-advisor: Professor Wallis Miller, School of Design, University of Kentucky.

Dahl completed her archival-based master thesis at OCCAS in 2012. She investigated the Oslo Architects’ Association anniversary 1956 exhibition, focusing on the public mediation of post-war Norwegian architectural culture. Since 2004, she has been a seminar leader in the course “The History of Architecture Theory” at FTH/AHO. In the fall 2014, she led the elective course “Norwegian Architecture, an Introduction”. Dahl has previously worked as an exhibition guide in the Architecture Museum in Oslo.


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