Tom Davies


tom_daviesTom Davies is a buildings archaeologist who works principally with conservation, community engagement and heritage consultancy. His PhD thesis at AHO will evaluate and inform the development of management of Brutalist architecture and its stakeholders, looking to secure long-term futures for sites and buildings and the people who live and work there. He believes that heritage forms a key part of today’s society and development, to be both cared-for and used effectively. This view offers the best way to communicate and gain a broader understanding and appreciation of cultural values for society allowing us to utilise, develop and take care of our heritage for the future.

Recent work includes heritage consultancy for Arcadis Consulting UK, developing historic building documentation methods for the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, writing a history book about a South London School and running the Oslo based Sofienberg Heritage and Community Festival. His approach draws on professional work and a Masters in Built Environment: sustainable heritage management at The Bartlett’s Institute for Sustainable Heritage. Advisor: Even Smith-Wergeland.


The John Roan School, Greenwich: Building a School for the Future. London: The Roan Foundation (2016).

‘The changing enfranchisement of stakeholders in Brutalist architecture’ (prepared for Symposium: Reflecting Histories and Directing Futures, 15–16 June 2017).




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