The Printed and the Built

Mari Hvattum

Printed-and-Built_2The Printed and the Built. Architecture and Public Debate in Modern Europe studies the relationship between the built environment and print culture in 19th century and early 20th century Europe. In this period, a host of new public media developed, altering the way architecture was discussed, understood, and – ultimately – built. Looking particularly at the illustrated press emerging in early to mid 19th century, the project examines the way architecture in the modern period becomes a site for cultural negotiation through printed media.


The project has been financed by the Norwegian Research Council’s FRIPRO-program for a period of three years, starting September 2014. It is led by Mari Hvattum and involves OCCAS scholars Mari Lending, Victor Plahte Tschudi and Tim Anstey, Helge Jordheim from the University of Oslo, two PhD candidates –  Sine Halkjelsvik Bjordal (UiO) and Iver Tangen Stensrud (AHO), as well as a postdoc, Anne Hultzsch. International scholars such as Adrian Forty, Caroline van Eck, Beatriz Colomina, Wallis Miller and Richard Wittman will take part in the project.

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Originally posted Jan 24, 2014. Latest revision May 12, 2019.

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