On Style, special issue of Architectural History vol 6, no 1:14, 2018.

On Style, special issue of Architectural History vol 6, no 1:14, 2018, guest edited by Mari Hvattum.

Pondering style is a bit like pondering time, at least in the way Augustine described it. When you don’t stop to think about it, you sort of know what it is; when you do, it disintegrates into obscurity. Many concepts have multiple meanings, but style seems to be one of those troublesome terms whose significance encompasses diametrical opposites.

This special issue investigates style as theory and practice. The authors trace the formation of the modern concept of style in architecture; investigate the particular idea of history underlying it, and probe into key examples of style at work. They show how style has served to reconfigure time and place, and reveal the complex temporality at work in architectural style. Contributors: Martin Bressani, Caroline van Eck, Sigrid de Jong, Deborah Ascher Barnstone, and Mari Hvattum.


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