NORDIC Journal of Architecture

nordic-coverNORDIC Journal of Architecture is an international, academic journal on architecture and design; so far the most ambitious initiative of its kind. In recent years, Nordic architecture has become a topical issue internationally, and several research projects studying Scandinavian topics are being conducted in the US and Europe. NORDIC Journal of Architecture is part of this new momentum, negotiating the territory between architectural practice, its historical presuppositions, and its theoretical repercussions.NORDIC is a forum for architectural scholarship, but also for investigating the relationship between architectural culture and society at large. Using specific events, conferences or debates as points of departure, each issue will present contemporary architectural research and practice, including design, historiography, teaching, and criticism.Encompassing works as well as criticism, and speculation as well as meticulous scholarship, it engages with the full complexity of contemporary architectural culture.

NORDIC is published bi-annually by the Danish Architectural Press. Editor is Mari Lending, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design. No. 1, Fall 2011, As-Found, is guest edited by Ellen Braae and Svava Riesto, DK. No. 2 (Spring 2012) will have a special section on Nonumentality, guest edited by Mari Hvatum, AHO, while no. 3 (Fall 2012) is devoted to Alteration, and guest edited by Tim Anstey and Catharina Gabrielsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Editorial board: Anders Abraham (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, University of Copenhagen), Tom Avermaete (TU, Delft), Ellen Braae (Copenhagen University), Mari Hvattum (Oslo School of Architecture and Design), Fredrik Nilsson (Chalmers, Gothenburg) Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen (Yale School of Architecture), Roemer van Toorn (Umeå School of Architecture). Published by the Danish Architectural Press.


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