Treasures from the AHO Library

Editors: Mari Hvattum, Paul-Antoine Lucas, Victor Plahte Tschudi


The AHO library is full of treasures. It contains beautiful folio works, rare old treatises, and valuable prints. But most of all, the library collection reflects the life of the school, its changing preoccupations, conflicts, and fascinations.


Retrieving forgotten treasures from the library´s secret scores, Treasures from the AHO Library presents eleven publications spanning journals, books, maps. and catalogues, and ranging from the eighteenth century to the twentieth, from Schinkel to IKEA. The essays investigate the content of the publications, of course, but also the origin and history of the specific copy in the library. The selected publications are not necessarily the rarest or most valuable, but the ones that elicit tales about provenance, acquisition, and use, and thus highlight the library itself as an institution. These printed treasures show a library in constant transformation, from Tegneskolen´s modest collection to the present-day digital regime of Oria.


Originally posted Mar 21, 2021. Latest revision Mar 22, 2021.

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